African Repatriation System ARSY

The Situation

African immigrants communities in the US, Canada and Europe are confronted with lots of struggles when a loved one passes away. Most of the time they have no insurance to cover the cost of funerals and repatriation. The family of the deceased is abandoned with rent, mortgage, education and many other expenses.


African Repatriation System; ARSY was developed to help raise funds for funerals and repatriation of the deceased members to their native countries in Africa. With ARSY you will become a member of a much larger community where members are committed to raising enough funds for you as long as you are committed to doing the same for other members.

You can download the APP from Google Play or the APP Store

There is a Registration fee and a Yearly Membership fee; the minimum benefit is divided among registered members. They can raise anywhere from $15.000 to over $100 000 depending on the number of registered member.

ARSY is available on the Google Play and the App Store

ARSY Donation F.A.Q